The Happiest Town in the World, Chapter 29

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Alter Ego

You are who you are, you have a husband and children and family…


The Happiest Town in the World, Chapter 44

Photo by Giuseppe Argenziano on Unsplash


It helps to talk to someone. I don’t like going to others, don’t like running out telling the world about my own problems. And like it is now, in this difficult situation, I hold back and do not talk to anyone.

But then Evy calls and asks if we can meet in town, and then I go to a cafe with her. And she looks at me and asks how it’s going.

And I pretend nothing is wrong, I tell her I’m fine.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I say, smiling.

“Glad to hear,” she says.

“And you?” I ask.

“Yes, thank…

The Last Human in the Milky Way — Chapter 26

One day it dawned on him that great changes had taken place in the neighbourhood and in the wider world. He decided to try to find out what had happened, packed equipment into his car and started driving.

Somewhere along the way, he sees a woman standing on the side of the road, and he stops next to her. They are two strangers who set out on a journey together to find out where the world is headed, a world where great changes have taken place that they are only guessing the consequences of.

Photo by Sergio Vilches on Unsplash


“Did you have children with him?”…


Beurteilung und Anerkennung der nicht formalen Kompetenz von Erwachsenen

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

Wie können sich Erwachsene mit Berufserfahrung, aber ohne abgeschlossene Ausbildung für einen Beruf oder eine Weiterbildung qualifizieren?

Was ist eine Bewertung des vorherigen Lernens?

Die informellen, undokumentierten Kompetenzen sind all die Kompetenz, die Sie durch Bildung, bezahlte/unbezahlte Arbeit, Weiterbildung, Kurse, Freizeitaktivitäten und mehr erworben haben.

Durch eine nicht formale Kompetenzfeststellung können Sie Ihre Kompetenz in Bezug auf die Lehrpläne der Sekundarstufe II einschätzen.

Sie können alle Fächer oder Teile von Fächern genehmigen lassen.

Benotete Noten werden nicht vergeben, nur der Begriff „anerkannt“ wird verwendet.

Wenn Sie sich für eine Ausbildung bewerben, zeigt die vorherige Lernkontrolle, welche Ausbildung Sie haben müssen und ist die Grundlage für die Planung…


We dispose of nature together, and we have a common responsibility to preserve nature for future generations


We can use nature to have a life with better quality of life and content, better health, and positive feelings and thoughts.

This is something that we ourselves have control over. We can decide for ourselves how we want to think about nature, how we want to position ourselves in relation to nature, how we want to take advantage of the opportunities that nature gives us.

It’s very simple, actually! Everything is at hand from nature’s side; it’s just a matter of dealing with nature and providing for oneself — using the possibilities that are there.

In Odda, a small…


Vi vil ta vare på den urørte naturen i Norge — ei gruppe for turar i heile Norge


Photo © by the author

På tur i Norge — Hiking in Norway er ei gruppe på Facebook for alle som er glade i den norske naturen slik som den er. Vi vil ta vare på urørt natur i Norge.

I gruppa vil vi dela bilde, videoklipp, turtips og turforteljingar frå flotte turmål i det norske naturen.

Dei to gruppene På tur i Oppdal og På tur i Hardanger skal framleis vera slik som før, nemlig grupper for deling av lokal/regional turinformasjon; bilde, videoklipp og turtips. …

Vi disponerer naturen saman, og vi har et felles ansvar for å bevara naturen for framtidige generasjonar

Innlegg publisert i Hardanger Folkeblad+, 09.06.2021

Rossnos 1407 Foto © Kjell Kråkevik

Vi kan bruka naturen til å få eit liv med betre livskvalitet og innhald, betre helse og positive kjensler og tankar.

Dette er noko som vi sjølv har styring med. Vi kan sjølv bestemma oss for korleis vi vil tenka på naturen, korleis vi ønskjer å stilla oss i forhold til naturen, korleis vi ønskjer å ta i bruk dei mogelegheiter som naturen gir oss.

Det er veldig enkelt, eigentleg! Alt ligg på førehand til rette frå naturen si side; det er berre å ta for seg av naturen og forsyna seg — bruka…


We want to take care of the untouched nature in Norway


Bakkanosi (1398masl), Nærøyfjorden. Photo © by the author

På tur i Norge — Hiking in Norway is a group on Facebook for everyone who loves Norwegian nature as it is. We want to take care of untouched nature in Norway.

In the group we will share photos, video clips, tour tips and tour stories from great hiking destinations in Norwegian nature.


The Happiest Town in the World, Chapter 46

Photo by Breno Assis on Unsplash


I have thought that I made a mistake. I have entered a path which is a dead end, a mistake which is heavy to correct.

I have known it all the way. It is very difficult. I have known that I have begun to lose hope. After so many years in the same, so many attempts.

Inside me I have given up, because he doesn’t see me, doesn’t see who I am, doesn’t see my needs.

He does not talk to me any longer, he does not approach me. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t come to me. He is not…

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