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He’s charming

He is hot

He gives me flowers and gifts

He says nice things to me

He says he loves me

He gives me what I need

He gives me what I’m missing

He gives me what I long for

He makes me happy

He makes me feel good

He has power over me

He plays on my feelings

He creates distance from myself

He makes me lose my footing

He sucks all the power out of me

He makes me forget what is important to me

He promises me that everything will be fine

He shows me a…


The Happiest Town in the World, Chapter 19

Previous: Part 3.1, Chapter 18 Our Secret Love

Odda viewed from Smelter 3. Photo 2006 © by the author


When I came back it was night. Then house lay there silent and I went in as quietly as I could. I climbed the stairs and put myself to bed in the other bedroom.

The next day I was exhausted and barely got up from bed. When I got down to the kitchen he sat there. There was complete silence in the house. He just sat there and watched. The face expressionless. He looked at me and asked:

“Where have you been?”

He looked at me, and I couldn’t meet his gaze…

I loved reading this!

There are people around us who do not care. And then there are people who care very much, people who are very conscientious and who use an enormous amount of energy to take care of the things they feel they have to take care of, either at work or in private life - or both!

I did not think in advance that I would score high on the 18 points myself, and that was true. I answered yes to 6. …


A Sensitive Striver på engelsk kan omsetjast til norsk: “ein følsom strevar”, eller betre: “ein følsom arbeidshest”, alternativt “eit pliktmenneske”. Den siste omsetjinga er etter mitt syn mykje dårlegare enn “ein følsom arbeidshest”. For meg er ein følsom arbeidshest ein eller ei som jobbar hardt, utan å mukka, og som er svært kvalitetsbevisst.

Photo by Meital Anlen on Unsplash

Det finst folk rundt oss som ikkje bryr seg. Og så finst det folk som bryr seg veldig mykje, folk som er veldig samvitsfulle og som bruker enormt mykje energi for å ta seg av dei tinga som dei føler at dei må ta seg av, enten på jobben eller i privatlivet — eller begge stader!

Eg kjenner nokre slike folk som er veldig samvitsfulle, som bruker mykje energi og som framfor alt ønskjer å levera ein god jobb. Dette er folk som alltid tar oppgåva på alvor. …


The Happiest Town in the World, Part 3, Chapter 18


I wasn’t evil-minded. I was just unhappy

I’m Eira.

I just need to tell my story.

I hope that when you’ve read my story, you will believe what I say: I wasn’t evil-minded. I was just unhappy.

Whatever happens, I will stand for us and our love. I will escape from this boredom, from this trap — the marriage I’ve been in for too many years.

Actually, I don’t know why people come together. The real reason why they seek together and make love, make children. Not just one. Often two, three, four. Why’s that?

In the end, there is…


The Happiest Town in the World, Chapter 17

Odda Smelter, view from the Furnace Building. Photo 2006 © by the author


I stand in front of the open window and the wind outside pulls the heat from the room. I close my eyes, stand like this for a while, cold air against my face, raindrops against my cheek — is that how it is to lose love?

Then there’s finally a new message. She says she thinks of me. She says she likes to lie next to me. She writes that she wants to be close.

I answer that I want it too, and wait for more.

But she becomes silent. She does not write anymore, she does not speak anymore…


Pris au piège dans le filet du narcissique — je veux sortir!

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Il est charmant
Il est chaleureux
Il me donne des fleurs et des cadeaux
Il me dit de belles choses
Il dit qu’il m’aime

Il me donne ce dont j’ai besoin
Il me donne ce que je manque
Il me donne ce que je désire
Il me rend heureuse
Il me fait me sentir bien

Il a le pouvoir sur moi Il joue sur mes sentiments Il crée de la distance avec moi-même Il me fait perdre pied Il aspire toute la puissance de moi Il me fait oublier ce qui est important pour moi Il me promet que tout…


The Last Human in the Milky Way, Chapter 20

Photo by Ignacio Amenábar on Unsplash

It was like a dark dream. Everyone was gone. He was the last to live in the Milky Way. His house was at the top of the road, so he had barely noticed the changes. It had happened gradually, with fewer and fewer people who in the afternoon came home to the neighbourhood from work, from shopping or school.
(From chapter 2)


In the morning the next day she was more like the day before. Inward-looking, hidden within herself. She was again the person she had been the first day.

He had woken up quite early, and he did not…


The Happiest Town in the World, Chapter 16

Odda Smelter, the Lime Kiln. Photo 2006 © by the author


It is becoming more and more clear. Every human being is most dependent on trusting himself. No one can trust the other in everything and get it the way you want.

Each and every one must create and take care of their own happiness and try as best they can to make it happen. The other usually fails not out of malice or complacency, but for other, perhaps external reasons.

The hard but fair truth to take in is that everyone, yes, every one of us is dramatically alone. …

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