In memory of one we lost

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Hårteigen, Hardangervidda, Norway

He came in
young and strong
filled with faith
on what was to come

He had faith in life
believed in love
threw himself into it
with all his heart

He loved life
lived out in nature
strong, rich days and nights
up on the mountain

One day he felt pain inside
something was wrong in his body
somewhere inside him
a discomfort he had not felt before

He fought
in the end he had to give up
had to give lost
had to step out of time

He went into the light the gentle moonlight where the memories live…

Writing: Coaching, mentoring & writing course

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Do you want to write creatively and develop your creative abilities?

The starting point for me who write this is that I am sure that everyone — absolutely everyone — can benefit greatly from developing their writing skills.

The last four years I have discovered how I can develop myself as a writer, and easily publish my texts so that they get readers. I have chosen to write the most in English, but have also published in Norwegian. When I publish in English, I know that readers from all over the world are potential readers. However, the site where I have published, Medium, also lets me publish in my native language…


Little by little, without them noticing, it had begun to go awry.

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Photo by Sabin Shrestha on Unsplash

#10 Climbing

As he got out of the car, the heat hit his face. He was not prepared for this. It was a hot day. The air vibrated, was almost electric. He stopped and turned and reached into the car and grabbed his cap and sunglasses. Both were in fact absolutely necessary. He looked down at his feet. He put on some light hiking boots. It was not advisable to go up here in such shoes. He went and took out the powerful hiking boots from the box at the back of the car. He brought a jacket with him for safety…


Diskusjonen om gondolbane til Rossnos handlar om verdiar, om ulike interessegrupper, og ulike syn på naturen som ressurs.

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Rossnos, 1407

I Ullensvang kommune er det nokon som vil bygga gondolbane opp til fjelltoppen Rossnos (1407 moh) i Odda. Andre er imot å bygga bane til Rossnos, og vil bevara fjellet og naturen nær fjellet urørt.

Usemja om gondolbane opp til Rossnos handlar om fundamentalt ulike interesser, ulike syn på naturen rundt oss og kva for verdi den har. Dei ulike synspunkta på gondolbane til Rossnos handlar om kva naturen rundt oss skal brukast og ikkje skal brukast til. …


What had happened to society? — Suddenly the degeneration, the deterioration, the decay, the degradation of the social structures …

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Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash


He finds out that he has an extra jug of petrol standing in the garage. He goes out to the garage, finds the jug and puts it in the back of the car.

He looks around in the garage, all the shelves with things, all the clutter he has never had to throw away. He sees the green tent bag and gets up on a box and pulls out the tent. He stretches and pulls the old tent mattress down from the garage attic. Afterwards he goes back into the house and finds the sleeping bag and two thick, warm…

Evocative, intense, warm, b e a u t i f u l

- a masterpiece Upasana!


Far away one could perceive the bouldering and sounds of planes high up. Those who put their heads back could see condensation streaks from several planes high up in the sky.

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Photo by the author

# 8

After more than a week where nothing happened, he decided to give it a try.

The plan was to take the car and drive the highway northwest, to a city with nearly 30,000 inhabitants. He was sure there must be people.

He took out a bag and began to pick out some food from the kitchen drawers for the first few days on the road.

At times he thought he could hear a distant bouldering or muffled bang far away. But it was just very weak and he thought it might be thunder. It was probably just something completely natural…


Inspired by “I Don’t Want To Write Anymore” by Victoria Ponte

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Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Writing and publishing

I have been writing and publishing on Medium for over 4 years. When I read Victoria Ponte’s headline, it struck me that what she writes is a bit about things that I have also experienced.

I still want to write but I no longer want to publish so often. I think that writing is good for mental health, and useful for personal well-being. The most important function of writing for me is that it gives me joy.

At the same time, publishing on Medium and seeing that someone reads my stories is an important source of inspiration. …


Tur frå Osavatnet til Redningshytten

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Rikeleg med mjuk snø, og lett å koma seg både opp og ned — det var erfaringa mi i dag.


Life is beautiful, but we are not always able to see it. Here are some pictures from a “sun pole” over Nordhordland (Norway) that — if nothing else — can prove that beauty exists!

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May 26, 2018, 22:04 © Øivind H. Solheim

The sunset creates a red or yellow, pillar-like formation rising from the sun, and it can almost look like an explosion far away.

Øivind H. Solheim

Teacher, author of novels, poetry, articles, essays. Founder & co-owner of Blue Insights. Owner of Medium publications Happy Hiking, Insight. fiksjon@gmail.com

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